School Dress Code


Petrie State School emphasises the importance of adherence to a Dress Code which covers uniforms, other clothing, jewellery and certain matters relating to general appearance. The case for this is strong as it assists students to identify with their school and encourages sound, positive attitudes which flow over into the learning area. The Parents and Citizens’ Association and the school support a compulsory Dress Code Policy because it:

  • promotes a safe environment for learning by enabling ready identification of students and non-students in the school;
  • promotes an effective teaching and learning environment by eliminating the distraction of competition in dress and fashion at the school;
  • promotes a supportive environment at the school by fostering a sense of belonging;
  • fosters mutual respect among individuals at the school by minimising visible evidence of economic, class or social difference;
  • promotes a positive image of the school in the community and among potential enrolments;
  • contributes to the physical safety of students in that the requirements relating to footwear, general appearance, clothing and body jewellery, if followed, enable students' unrestricted access to school activities.

Uniform Requirements


  • Polo shirt (unisex)
  • Rugby knit shorts (unisex)
  • Formal check shirt (unisex)
  • Dress (check)
  • Skorts
  • Hat - legionnaire or wide brim floppy surf
  • Track suit (taslon or fleecy lined)
  • Pullover (with school emblem)
  • Fleecy lined zip jacket
  • Sport House Polo Shirt
  • Senior’s Shirt
  • White or navy socks
  • Black shoes/joggers


  • Polo shirt (unisex)
  • Rugby knit shorts (unisex)
  • Formal check shirt (unisex)
  • Hat – legionnaire or wide brim floppy surf
  • Track suit (taslon or fleecy lined)
  • Pullover (with school emblem)
  • Fleecy lined zip jacket
  • Sport House Polo Shirt
  • Senior’s Shirt
  • White or navy socks
  • Black shoes/joggers

Band and Choir Uniform

The school operates a Band and Choir Uniform hire scheme.

Inter-house Athletics Day, Cross Country and Swimming Carnival

Students are encouraged to wear a polo shirt in their House Colours (these are sold in the Uniform Shop) on these days.

KENDALL - Green    



Special Day Friday

Students may wear their District, Regional, State or Performance T shirts on a Friday.

Sports Uniform

Sports shirts are provided by the school for students representing the school for athletics, cross country and other sports.

Other Uniform -Related Issues

Bike Helmets

There is a legal requirement that bike helmets are to be worn by students who ride bikes or scooters.


For reasons relating to health, safety and appearance, students are permitted to wear a watch and one pair of sleepers or plain stud earrings. Such jewellery is to be worn in the ears only.

Hair Colour/ Make-up

Natural hair colour is acceptable. For health reasons long hair (shoulder length) must be worn tied back. There is no need for students to wear make-up to school.


The school policy “No hat; no outside play” ensures students are protected whilst outdoors. Hats are to be correctly worn.


Footwear is to be worn by all pupils at all times. Students participating in Choir or Band may use their school black shoes or joggers. There is no need to purchase extra shoes or joggers for band or choir only. Heels, thongs or reef type shoes are not appropriate for school wear.

Parents’ Obligation

Parents are requested to write a note of explanation if a student is unable to wear the full correct uniform.


Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 the Parents and Citizens’ Association requested the school include this Dress Code Policy in its Supportive School Environment Policy.

It is understood that particular circumstances may arise where a medical condition, transfer, genuine poverty, religious or cultural grounds may make it difficult for a family to comply with the school Dress Code. Please put this in writing to the Principal or Deputy Principal. It should be noted that the school would always be willing to help those in genuine need if this could be demonstrated. Any cultural or religious issues regarding Dress Code are to be discussed with the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Endorsement - The Petrie State School Dress Code was created by the Dress Code Committee in November 2006, and was reviewed and endorsed by the P&C in 2016.

Last reviewed 17 September 2020
Last updated 17 September 2020