Student services and support programs


​​Student Welfare

Petrie has a Student Welfare committee that meets each week to examine student welfare issues for individual students, and as a group look at how best to provide support.  Teachers may present any students they have concerns about.  

Inclusion Support

The Inclusion Support Team works co-operatively with classroom teachers to provide appropriate support for all our students.

Support is provided through:

  • Analysis of data to identify needs
  • Working with classroom teachers to develop support programs for identified students. This could involve modifications to the classroom program, withdrawal of individuals or small groups for intensive support, or an Individual Support Program
  • Teachers and teacher aides working in classrooms on a daily basis to assist with the targeted implementation of programs for individual children or small groups
  • In some cases, gathering additional data and referring children to the School Guidance Officer or the Speech Language Pathologist for more detailed tests

Guidance Officer

Petrie has the services of a Guidance Officer for 5 days every fortnight. The role of the Guidance Officer is to provide guidance and counselling support. The Guidance Officer works closely with staff through consultation, collaboration and the provision of professional development programs to ensure equity in educational access, participation and learning outcomes for all students.

Guidance Services may include:

  • Assessing students to better understand specific learning needs
  • Short term counselling to students to support development of appropriate and responsible behavioural choices in various contexts
  • Short term emergent counselling to students and parents to resolve personal issues and to address emotional needs.
  • Referral to other agencies for ongoing social and emotional support
  • Liaising with and initiating referrals and links with various Government and Communities agencies to provide co-ordinated services to students and their families

Speech Therapy

A Speech Language Pathologist works at the school one day per week. A child may be referred for assessment and further support allocated where necessary.

School Chaplain

Petrie has a chaplain for two days a week – Wednesdays and Fridays.  She is known to the students simply as 'Chappy' or 'Chappy Rell'.

The Chaplain's role at Petrie involves providing social and emotional support to the whole school community – staff, parents and students.  Her focus is on promoting well-being.  Some of the activities she is involved in are:

  • Offering practical care and support to students and families (for example, emergency meals)
  • Joining in sports days, special events and excursions
  • Running social skills groups or well-being activities targeting specific issues or age groups
  • Being an active role model for positive behaviour and values to students
  • Being a caring presence and listening ear for staff, students and families

Chappy participates in the everyday life of the school.  She is seen as a safe person for the children to connect with at school.​​

Last reviewed 04 August 2021
Last updated 04 August 2021