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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Petrie State School is committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment which maximises the educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. The school recognises that for optimal learning to take place, we must provide an inclusive, supportive environment.

All students, staff and community members are expected to conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical, safe and responsible manner that recognises and respects the rights of others.

Our school community has identified the following values to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour:

• Respect property
• Respect others
• Respect learning
• Respect yourself

POLY the Parrot is our friendly reminder to students of these values. POLY is featured prominently in classrooms and all around the school.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Petrie uses Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) to improve academic and behavioural outcomes for all students. It is based on clear expectations that can be applied and taught in every context. Positive Behaviour for Learning has also been known as School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support.

To support students to use responsible behaviour we ensure that as a school we explicitly teach expectations and routines, target support and have individualised support systems in place.

Our expectations at Petrie State School are based on our POLY values –

Respect for Property,
Respect for Others,
Respect for Learning, and
Respect for Yourself.

Students use the POLY High Five Expectations to help them make positive choices.

What does PBL look like?

In the classroom:
• Classroom expectations, routines and cues are taught and encouraged
• Active supervision is evident
• Re-directions for minor, infrequent behaviour errors
• Effective and engaging curriculum

Outside the classroom: 
• Positive expectations and routines are taught and encouraged.
• Active supervision by all staff
• Reminders
• Positive reinforcement

At a School Wide level:
• It is displayed clearly around the school
• All staff know and use the expectations
• Students are able to state the expectations
• Students are recognised for appropriate behaviours
• Positive relationships
• Orderly environment
• Data is collected and used for decision making
• High expectations for both learning and behaviour
• Families are actively included

Petrie rewards appropriate behaviour

Students are awarded ‘GOTCHA’ tickets to acknowledge appropriate behaviour and adherence to the POLY rules.

The student in each class who receives the most GOTCHAs for showing all POLY Respect rules in the classroom through the week. Students are presented with either a POLY Respect Ribbon (Prep-Year 2) or a POLY Respect Band (Years 3-6) on Assembly.

All classroom GOTCHA tickets earned during the week are entered into the combined classroom draw. One Gotcha ticket is drawn at each of the P-Yr2 and Yrs 3-6 assemblies. The winner receives a special POLY GOTCHA certificate.

This class demonstrates all the Poly Respect Rules at specialist lessons and is chosen by the specialist teachers. The class name is added to a framed POLY picture and displayed in that classroom for the next week.

Students are awarded GOTCHAs for demonstrating POLY respect rules in the playground. GOTCHAs are placed in the boxes in the undercover area. Two students are drawn from the box each week to receive a special GOTCHA in the Playground Certificate.

All Gotcha tickets from the term are kept in the combined P–Yr2 or Yrs3–6 ‘Gotcha in the Classroom’ bin. One Gotcha ticket is drawn from each bin. Winning students receive a special prize. Some prizes have been a family pass to LazerZone, or a family pass to the Chermside Water Park.

Teachers set behaviour goals with their class at the beginning of each term and monitor progress regularly with their class.  Students who reach the Gotcha target for the term celebrate their behaviour success with a whole class celebration at the end of each term.

Individual Student Systems:

• Individual Behaviour support planning for targeted students
• Team and data based decision making
• Targeted social skills and self-management instruction
• Support from Inclusion staff and other support staff
• Support from outside agencies

How can parents / guardians become involved?

Parents are encouraged to engage in positive conversations with their students about PBL. Parents are welcome to attend our PBL meetings.

Petrie’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students, based on Education Queensland's Code of School Behaviour can be downloaded from the website, or is available from the Office.