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Arrival and departure

When students arrive at school, they must go to the Main Covered Area and remain seated until the 8.40 am bell. Young children with parents can wait outside their classrooms (Year 2) or under C Block (Year 1). Prep students wait outside their classrooms with their parents. When the bell goes, students line up in class groups and move to their classrooms when dismissed. Instruction at Petrie State School begins at 8.50 am.

Playgrounds and play equipment are not supervised before school and are out of bounds. The Undercover Area is the only area in the school where morning supervision is provided. There is also no supervision of play facilities after school. There are staff members on duty in the bus pick-up areas after school.  

Outside School Hours Care is provided by PCYC from 6.00 am - 6.00 pm each day.

Leaving the school grounds
Once at school, children are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless prior arrangements have been made with the Principal.

Arriving late and leaving early
Learning is a full time task and it is important that interruptions to this time are minimised. From time to time students may arrive late to school or leave early from school. The following procedures are in place to ensure your child arrives safely at their classroom.

A student who arrives after 9.00 am is considered late. When a student is late for school, the Parent/Caregiver is to report to the office to collect an “Early/Late” slip which will be printed by office staff. Parents/Caregivers sign in and escort the student to class then hand the “Early/Late” slip to the teacher. Parents/Caregivers should then return to the office to sign out. For safety reasons, students are not permitted to move around the school on their own during class time.

If a Parent/Caregiver needs to collect a student early from school, they should first report to the office to collect an “Early/Late” slip which will be printed by office staff. Parents/Caregivers sign in and take the “Early/Late” slip to the class teacher to collect the student. Students will not te released from class without this slip. Parents should then report back to the office with the student to sign out.
Parents of Prep students in the Wyllie Street classrooms should come to the office first to collect their slip, and then go to Prep to collect their child.